Phoenix Electra – a professional electric-powered spreader

Phoenix Electra is a professional electric-powered spreader. The unique and significant added advantage of the new machine is its minimal environmental impact, both in terms of noise and of carbon output. This revolutionary spreader design helps local authorities to meet their environmental targets.

The Phoenix Electra in detail…

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Key benefits

• Electric spreader
• 2m3 – 9m3 hopper capacity
• Chain driven feeding belt
• Hydraulic driven roller breaker
• Low centre of gravity
• EcoSat 10 with route replay for hands free option


Continuous recharge of the battery by means of a dynamo connected to a driving wheel on the ground supported by a telescopic arm.
It consists of a stainless steel disc with a special plastic cone for a precise dosing, with special plastic cover.
Side tanks in rotational polyethylene of considerable lightness and strength, as well as fully recyclable.
Electrically adjustable spreading asymmetry in 5 pre-settable positions from the driving cab. Electric motor with potentiometer for adjusting the symmetric / asymmetric spreading. Moisture resistant with IP 67 degree.
AISI 304 stainless steel ladder positioned in the rear right side.

Polyethylene compartment for proportional valves and power pack protection.

PVC hopper folding cover on a steel frame operated from the ground. Alternatively, stainless steel AISI 304 (opt. T1 / X).

Lightweight PRFV, corrosion resistant and flexible to prevent deformation during loading.


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