The spreader for medium trucks

ONE OH metal belt spreader or ONE OK rubber belt spreader, for medium trucks, suitable for salt, sand or grit. The hopper, fully welded to prevent vibrations, is made in AISI 304 stainless steel, providing load capacity without any deformation.

The ONE in detail…

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Key benefits

• 2.5m3 – 3.5m3 hopper capacity
• Chain driven feeding belt
• Hydraulic driven roller breaker
• Low centre of gravity
• EcoSat 10 with route replay for hands free option


The feeding system is realized by metal belt an AISI 304 stainless steel with cross-bars. The chain is guided by toothed pinions that enable a constant traction, maintaining a correct translation synchrony, without skidding.
The roller breaker enables a continuous material flow from the hopper to the spreading unit, breaking the salt lumps and thereby avoiding an uncontrolled drop. At the exit side of the chain or rubber belt feeding system, a hydraulically driven, transversal counter-rotating roller breaker with stainless steel blades is installed.
Driving through the two-cylinders Diesel or Petrol engine, air cooled.
Driving through a fifth wheel supported by a telescopic arm. The piston pump with anti-cavitation valve can work in front and rear direction.
Optical Salt missing sensor with visualization on the driver’s cabin display
P1: Unloading system with galvanized telescopic feet with crank. Higher front feet for easy loading on vehicles provided with side panels.

P3: Automatic unloading system for tipper, with front rollers and feet fitting into the spreader. Unloading can be made automatically from the driver’s cab.

P4: Hook unloading system complete with slide, protection guard for the vehicle platform and adjustable height rear rollers.

The pre-wetting system is equipped with a volumetric pump directly coupled to the hydraulic motor, which is maintenance free. The Nitrile rotor does not need internal washing (only at the end of the season). Tanks constructed from sturdy and light-weight recyclable polyethylene. Solid/liquid ratio is regulated directly from the control box in the driver’s cabin.


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