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Latest generation microprocessor control systems for all kind of spreaders, with maximum flexibility in programming and visualizing the different spreading parameters: width, asymmetry and dosage depending on the vehicle speed. Six different tools in all-in-one control box.

The EcoSat in detail…

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Key benefits

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The Route-Replay is based on pre-defined geo-referenced spreading parameters settings uploaded on the EcoSat before the operation and used automatically during the mission relying on an enhanced positioning. The driver is guided by means of vocal and visual messages which show the road section already treated as well as the section that still has to be done. It is possible to exit from any pre-set route and re-entry at any point along the section.
Ecosat has an integrated GSM/GPRS module (option) which enables operational data transmission. In case of bad coverage (e.g. tunnels) the data are logged and will be transmitted as soon as the connection is back.
Ecosat integrates (option) a multi-constellation GNSS receiver which supports GPS or GLONASS improving the localization performance in terms of accuracy, continuity, availability, and reliability.
The Ecosat stores daily operational reports and global counters which can be downloaded or printed via serial connection.
A serial connection between the infrared sensor and the Ecosat allows automatic changing of the spreading dosage based on the road temperature.

On spreaders with electrical control of asymmetry, this function provides full control of the direction of spreading. The screen display varies according to the type of asymmetry: with or without feedback. 5 pre-set positions can be selected.

In this section of the working area, it is possible to monitor the level material in the tanks, the solid quantity in the hopper and also the fuel level (only for equipment with auxiliary engine).


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