C401 – The mid-sized road sweeper with big ideas

A Johnston C401 mid-sized road sweeper, available at 10,500kg or 7,500kg GVM, provides the best of both worlds; with the manoeuvrable dimensions of the compact range combined with the heavy-duty suction performance of a truck mounted sweeper – an ideal combination for sweeping urban areas where large hopper capacity and compact agility are equally important.

The C401 in detail…

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Key benefits

• Up to 80kph travel speed
• Outstanding manoeuvrability
• High payload – up to 5000kg
• 4* PM10 rated
• 4* PM2.5 rated
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The C401 achieves space, wide screen visibility, ease of use and comfort from a range of standard and optional benefits.

It is designed to have a tight turning circle and has 4-wheel steer as standard and it can achieve a turning radius of 2950mm, accessing areas that other sweepers cannot.

A demountable third brush-arm extends the swept width of the C401 by 30%, to an optimum 3450mm; whilst the 1000mm diameter brush enables pathways to be swept at the same time as channels. It can also support a weed-ripping brush to clean the kerb line, or path edges of plant growth or heavily soiled areas. Add lightweight design and an acute steering lock, and you have superb handling and manoeuvrability to negotiate tight spaces.

Built at our Dorking factory, the C401 offers lower maintenance costs when compared to a chassis mounted vehicle. With 500 hour service intervals on the whole vehicle, service costs and downtime are kept to a minimum. Designed to cope with tough environments, the C401 hopper is manufactured from 1.4003 stainless steel for protection against corrosion and wear. The C401 is designed and built for urban and city sweeping, and the engine and drive train is also matched to this purpose, resulting in greater fuel efficiency.
Heavy-duty suction power and payloads of up to 5,000kg with 10,5000kg GVM (and 2,000kg with 7,500kg GVM with options), are combined with a patented 4-wheel steer system as standard, to provide capacity and agility without compromise. Comfortable in heavy-duty cleansing environments and crowded streets, the C401 easily cleans the inner-city environment.

The front-facing brushes can access hard-to-reach areas and the fingertip control, with unrivalled visibility of the brushes and the nozzle, makes the sweeping manoeuvrability comparable to much smaller sweepers.

With the 4.1m³ hopper, and an optional water recirculation feature, the C401 achieves increased on-station working and reduces ‘tip runs’, enhancing productivity and reducing running costs.

The unique low-level twin front brush is designed to effortlessly sweep inside corners and hammer heads. Additionally, the reverse sweeping function (shuffle button) and the ability to bring both brushes together, means that all of the debris can be cleaned away easily, without the need for a third front brush.

The two front brushes have the widest reach of all 4 cubic sweepers, allowing the C401 brush arm to stretch out from the optimum 2650mm sweeping width, to reach debris 815mm outside of the compact chassis. With the independently adjustable brush pressure and variable brush speed (which is standard), the C401 can reduce brush wear on a daily sweep, or allow for a deep clean in areas of heavy compacted material.


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