Self-loading salt spreader for tractor

Self-loading spreader for application on the three-point connection of tractors, suitable for salt and grit. The AM series is designed to be applicable also on the front of multi-purpose vehicles and operating machines. Particular attention has been paid to the hopper in high strength steel, with a suitable conformation for a quicker and a more efficient loading of materials.

The AM in detail…

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Key benefits

• Self loading salt spreader
• Mountable on tractors
• Operated by vehicle hydraulic
• Suitable for salt and grit


Allows you to quickly install the equipment to the three-point vehicle connection.
Device that allows you to manually adjust the amount of material to be spread.
Completely in high quality steel, it is constructed so as to facilitate the salt or grit movement towards the bottom, where the two augers are positioned.
Spreading group with a disc 340 mm in stainless steel and an adjustable asymmetry, it can spread material up to 6m wide.
The system consists of two augers with coils of steel to ensure a continuous supply of material to the spreading disc and a homogeneous hopper emptying.


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