introducing… – Johnston’s first-ever fully electrically powered truck mounted sweeper (aka VE651)

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Johnston Sweepers is very excited to introduce our first – and we believe the WORLD’S first – electrically-powered zero emissions TRUCK MOUNTED sweeper, already unveiled the market for the very first time at IFAT 2018.

The Johnston VE651, known as eVie (Electric Vehicle Intelligent Electronics), has been developed by Johnston’s design team as a proof of concept vehicle, primarily to assess the feasibility of such a pioneering machine and to gauge market interest. And, of course, to prove that it could actually be done!

eVie is a full size truck sweeper mounted on a specially modified 16 tonne chassis, and powered by a high performance 350kW electric motor. The battery driving the whole vehicle is a 200kWh Lithium Ion Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery-pack, chosen by Johnston’s engineers for its balance of weight, power density, charge rate and lower operating temperature, requiring no liquid cooling.

The battery itself offsets the weight of the two engines and two sets of transmission used in a standard diesel/HVO-powered machine, meaning that the overall weight of the sweeper remains the same.

The result is a seriously clever zero emissions, low noise, low maintenance full-size sweeper with a 6 tonne payload, similar to a diesel twin engine machine, and designed to be capable of a full sweeping shift. And, unique to any comparable vehicle, eVie’s driving range is 200km at ‘mid-loaded’ mass on a single charge, meaning it operates at less than 1kWh per kilometre.

eVie is ideally suited for municipal inner city use, producing zero exhaust and dust, and virtually noise-free, the only sound coming from the airflow and the brushes on the road surface.

So, eVie can work around pedestrians and residential streets without polluting the environment in any way, and recharged overnight back at the depot.

The battery technical stuff

The VE651 is fitted with two 22kW on-board chargers, giving a charging capacity of 44kW with fastest possible charging time of 4 to 5 hours.

16A, 32A, or 63A charging cables are available, and the sweeper can be charged from various standard 415V AC 3-Phase industrial sockets – or from a supplied Charging Post. The AC charging connector is a Type 2, capable of charging from any supply, such as motorway services or street side chargers.

The battery is good for 3,000 full charging cycles and guaranteed for 5 years. An on-board Battery Management system constantly monitors and maintains the temperature and health of all battery cells, balancing them without the need for liquid cooling.

All of the automotive functions of the VE651 are electrically powered, as well as the sweeper fan, brushes and Supawash system, requiring no additional power input.

Our primary objective in designing the VE651 concept vehicle was to develop the technology and optimise control systems to maximise the sweeping range of an electric truck mounted sweeper”, says Clive Offley, Johnston’s Engineering Director. “We wanted to prove that it is possible to deliver a full-size 16 tonne sweeper that is capable of performing a full single shift operation with routine overnight charging, giving local councils and municipalities the opportunity to make a real difference to air and noise pollution. Our next step is to conduct further trials and evaluations with customers ready to take the machine into production in the near future”.

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